99 percent Honest

Surely someone else has talked about this already, but I haven’t seen it anywhere, so….

Is that all cheating on one’s spouse is worth, 1%? Some have said John Edwards gave a great apology full of remorse and regret. Uh, did they hear the “99% of the truth is apparently not good enough anymore” part? How despicable. I’ve been cheated on by a spouse, but never cheated myself. Thought about it, I admit. But apparently that one percent of valuing marriage vows is a little heavier in my soul than others. 

I don’t know why because I’ve seen this coming for so long. But, every day something happens, something I see in the news, that displays for us the fall of our country. So sad, what we’ve become.

And I admit, unlike John Edwards, that I am as big a part of it as everyone else.

Dudes, Liberty is dead.


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