Great American College Debates…or not!

My daughter has recently mentioned an interest in politics and joining her high school debate team. She will be in ninth grade. Fourteen years old.

Gotta’ show her this, though, as one very un-American and not-so-great college debate.




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9 responses to “Great American College Debates…or not!

  1. Tio

    Thanks for your visit Smitty!

    The bottom line is capitalism alienates people and causes anti-sociality.

    Within capitalism the motives guiding decisions are pecuniary not personal, selfish not social. Seeking individual advance at the expense of others.

    The result, unsurprisingly, is an anti-social environment in which nice guys finish last.

    In U.S. hospitals, roughly a half a million people a year die of diseases they did not have when they entered. This is in considerable part a matter of hygiene and other correctable problems.

    Yet there is no massive campaign to save these lives. It would not be profitable.

    Starvation the world over has the same root cause; to feed the poor is not as profitable as over feeding the rich.

    What health we attain, what food we eat, what housing we inhabit, comes to us because someone was seeking not health, sustenance, or shelter for all, but profit for themselves.

    Economic logic seeks profit rather than social well being. Benefits for the weak arise only as a byproduct, not an intention, and rarely at that.

    As John Maynard Keynes put it, “Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.”

    I doubt that you would see kids being given non-weapon like toys in the U.S. like in the scene above. Why? Simple. There is no profit to be made.

    I’m not a communist but I am not a capitalist either. We need to wake up and change our world now for the benefit of people and not corporations.

    The majority want a society in which production is for human need and not for profit. A society in which those who work, not those who own, make the decisions. A world in which human beings of all races and nations cooperate and children learn the lessons of the past of war and poverty in history lessons, astonished that such atrocities could ever have happened.

    Maybe I am naive, but I believe this is possible and it is refreshing to see in Venezuela the governments true attempts to genuinely improve peoples’ social wellbeing.

    No matter the media lies and spin I have been to Venezuela and I know that the social changes are genuine and that they are for the common good of all at the expense of big business and U.S. corporations etc. which is why the media is constantly filled with media distortion and lies about what is happening there.

    We all need to remember that the media is owned by the corporations so dont expect to read or hear anything positive about President Chavez or Venezuela in the not too distant future. My advice would be put down your newspapers and throw your tv’s out the window because the revolution will not be televised brother.



  2. Tio

    Ps. I thought moderated comments were for wimps…?

  3. This is a test. This site allows UNmoderated comments.

  4. TIO,

    Naive? One way to think about it, but it’s more a lack of critical thinking. Without realizing it you arrive at the view that “socialization” is the over-ruling criteria for a system. The “greater good” (which is in the Declaration of Independence or Constitution, I believe) is often the argument used by “leaders” or governing bodies to allow encroachment – or outright obfuscation – if inalienable rights or individual/independent freedoms.

    Boil that last down to Free Will. For an “individual” person to grow to their full potential they must first be free to make their own choices, as much as possible or whenever possible. While I am all for having as many opportunities for EVERYONE to do so, to reach that potential without the hinderence of an unequal environment (ie social structure).

    But here is where the communists (and you are one if you identify with Chavez) and social “liberals” get crazy and fail at their argument. The left identifies with Nature as the all-encompassing God of the Believing AND non-Believing. That is, Nature should be maintained and interfered with as little while at the same time staying connected to it. Where this argument breaks down logically – schizophrenic, in my view – is that Nature itself is about survival of the fittest. Competition is the controlling principal of “evolution”. Without it, competition or evolution or whatever you want call it (“progress”?), a species cannot advance. Cannot “evolve”.

    Life ain’t fair. I hate the saying, but in a sense it is irrefutable to deny. I believe the Human is evolved enough that it should be able to devise a system that is fair to everyone. Or at least SOME humans. But the socialists (this category includes fascists, communists, et. – basically “Marxist” ideas) are not that evolved, nor are the conservatives (literally, status quo) or capitialists.

    I believe there are a few that could create such a system, but the rub is in getting EVERYBODY to follow. Keeping everybody “safe” or “well” or “fed” is not the core truth of the Human (in the Natural sense) Experience. Evolution has to occur. It cannot when ONE system, any system, I guess, has more Nos than Yeses.

    This blog is set for non-moderation. That’s the way I set it up, originally, but not sure if every page has to be set that way…should be rule of thumb. I’ll check in the case of future posts.

    Moderated feedback for blogs (or any online article, MSM included) is for wimps!

  5. rhutch

    There are an awful lot of non-capitalist societies that practiced some very anti-social behavior.

    Rather than political, or economical systems causing the anti-social behavior, I believe it is based on more basic human traits, such as greed, jealousy, laziness and corruption.

    These are the reason why even the most socialist societies have failed. Orwell had it right “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” and “everyone is equal but some are more equal than others”.

  6. rhutch,

    A democracy such as ours – or rather a republic – does a fine job of limiting “absolute power”. It happens, always a limited basis, when someone like FDR takes advantage of a situation to CONvince enough people that he has the solution. World War II did a fine job of loosening the shackles of FDR’s socialist agenda, but it was too late to turn back the clock. I believe it still is too late. We, America, is done, at least in the context of liberty and inalienable rights.

    But to you point on human nature. The problem lies in not that all humans are suceptible to the tempting traits you mention, all of which can be lumped into selfishness. Many, perhaps most intelligent or educated humans, can be resistant enough to deny a society its absolution and its ability to be tyrannical.

    That other old saying, all evil needs to win is for good [humans] to stand by and do nothing, comes to mind.

    So a just system is possible, although the human attachment to Nature denies it perfection.

    British statesman Edmund Burke said, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil in America is for good men to do nothing.” America is one of the last strongholds of freedom on earth – and citizens who are dedicated to God are the only resources for the preservation of our freedoms, including our freedom to serve Him.

  7. rhutch

    America is a great stronghold of freedom? That’s something Americans like to believe. The reality is that there are many free societies in this world and not everyone wants to be American. This is not in anyways meant as American bashing, America has many great things going for it, but humility is definitely not one of them. America is quick to notice the flaws in others but seems totally blind to any of its own shortcomings.

    As for the freedoms that Americans enjoy they seem to be on a fire sale selling all their freedoms for perceived security. They are bankrupting the very thing that makes America great, it’s very sad.

    Then there is the fact the some Americans really want to turn the US into a theocracy. They invoke this in the name of the founding father’s which through many of there writings held the church in as much contempt as that of the Monarchy.

    On of my favorites is Thomas Paine who wrote; “I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish church, by the Roman church, by the Greek church, by the Turkish church, by the Protestant church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

    All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.”

  8. rhutch,

    As you mentioned with Paine, most the Fathers were not big on religion, although all were big on God, on moral virtues. Even if they couldn’t see the lack of virtue in owning slaves no matter how gentle one is with chains.

    America is an idea. One about dead, true, lost to the dusty pages of history. But it is about the government being by the people and more importantly OF the people. Sadly, as Tio brings up, some humans cannot get beyond their animal nature. As the poor become rich they circle the wagons and protect their wealth, creating, or rather continuing the ugly cycle of poverty.

    America is also about liberty. Liberty in the sense of self-determination with limited interference by the government.

    America has never been perfect. And since it is about dead, in its death-throes, it never will be. But it has struggled to make equality, equality of rights and opportunity fairly open and accessible, even though many still must overcome great odds to make good on the Dream.

    I’ll take America, it’s ideas, its dreams, over any others in this Hell that is our world. Apparently many others agree. They come here in droves, still, legally at great cost and illegally at great sacrifice.

    But America’s failure, our fall, will be because just what many of the Fathers said, the loss of the virtue in the belief of God, that individual humans must strive for personal perfection to benefit the greater good.

    Obama is the epitimy of the post-Boom generation, shallow and selfish, unwilling to sacrifice his own for the benefits of others while at the same time demanding everyone else sacrifice for him.

  9. rhutch

    There are probably fewer illegal Canadians in the US than there are illegal Americans in Canada (we seem to be the favorite place for your most wanted to hang out). I enjoy visiting the US, but have no compunction for living there. Not that there is a big difference between our two countries, as individuals I find Americans very genteel, at least in my travels. The problem comes more from the polarization amongst the various faction and the intolerance the demonstrate.

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