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Big Brother has a Left hook

Big Brother, as envisioned by the great George Orwell, has long been present in America. Since the days of Wilson, maybe even Teddy.

Regardless, the new BB America is evolving its technology of monitoring its subjects from the traffic cameras to something out of movies – a pay as you drive tax.

Check this out: http://www.dhonline.com/articles/2008/12/28/news/local/1aaa02_road.txt

Liberty is indeed, my fellow American slaves.


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Since the election, one which I feel seals the final downfall of the ideal of liberty on which this country was founded, I have “turned off” a lot of things in my life. Fox News (and all such similar political programming, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) is first on my list.
I have also turned off all political discussions with friends and family. What’s the point of arguing something that cannot be resolved. Perseverance is a value, but futility is simply idiocy.
I have also turned off four of my children. The awful transgression of our so-called natural rights, unalienable and freely given to us by God, in what our politicians have laughingly named “Family Court” is finally too much for me to bear.
As I occasionally listen to the farcical and blatant communistic coverup of the Blagoviech Affair to protect our first American Tyrant I am confident I made the right decision.
Liberty is dead.


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Deb’s Diamond @ Crime Pays

Just posted the crime story “Deb’s Diamond” at my other blog, http://crimepays.wordpress.com – enjoy!

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Hello world!

Okay. Haven’t done a lot of “fun” writing in a long time. Just some fits and starts. Finally went back to college to finish it, and I did. A total of 153 college hours in four years. Yes, a little over five years of college, some semesters with seven classes, every summer semester with five. Thus, most my writing was at the behest of pleasing stuffy professors with no patience for a student’s “voice” in stuffy explications. 

Of course, my voice still came through. Even when I edited out the most obvious personal comments, I made each work reflect my own view, and not something someone else already decided.

I worked at getting published for a few years, but then a terrible divorce – 12 years out of my life and still going – put me off-track, along with the college gig as well.

I wrote what is considered “crime” fiction, mostly. But my real dream when I started was to publish a best-seller in every genre. Then I got distracted writing screenplays. Almost sold one, the fear of the success the only thing that doomed that. 

And the divorce.

But like Paul Newman said in an underrated sequel to “The Hustler”, “The Color of Money” – “I’m back, baby.”

I’ll be posting comment now and then, and perhaps some shorts I’ve written as well. I plan on self-publishing some novels I finished, after some editing and a fresh and more critical perspective courtesy of having a BAS.

Till then…


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