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Since the election, one which I feel seals the final downfall of the ideal of liberty on which this country was founded, I have “turned off” a lot of things in my life. Fox News (and all such similar political programming, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) is first on my list.
I have also turned off all political discussions with friends and family. What’s the point of arguing something that cannot be resolved. Perseverance is a value, but futility is simply idiocy.
I have also turned off four of my children. The awful transgression of our so-called natural rights, unalienable and freely given to us by God, in what our politicians have laughingly named “Family Court” is finally too much for me to bear.
As I occasionally listen to the farcical and blatant communistic coverup of the Blagoviech Affair to protect our first American Tyrant I am confident I made the right decision.
Liberty is dead.



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