The ads begging to be made against Obama, or Much Ado About Something

The brouhaha over McCain not knowing how many houses “his wife” owns should be the nail in the coffin if McCain or other supporters make the correct reaction ads. Here are some suggestions:

First, a counter to the on-the-street video running on youtube that questions “average” people how many houses they own. The highest number is two. Probably not all that uncommon. The counter to this is quite simple:   Man-on-the-street Question: “How many houses would you like to own? If you could own more than one, would you? Would you like to be able to buy a house for each of your children? Is it wrong to own more than one house?      The Questions would reveal that while not everyone might want a lot of houses, most would think it’s not necessarily a bad thing.
The logical answer to the original Obama attack ad on McCain homes is to highlight Obama’s supporters and pals who own multiple houses with tag lines to identify their Obama connection. Include in the ad Kerry’s homes and total worth, Kennedy’s, Pelosi, etc. Then close with Obama’s first public counter, Obama saying he “owned one home” and show a long-shot view of his multi-million dollar home, with its price tag…then close with Obama’s comment, “millions of home-owners struggling to make their mortgage payments” with a mention the $200,000 discount on the adjacent property with Rezko…then close with: “And Obama says he is connected with the average American?

That viewpoint could be supported by another on-the-street ad, asking the average American the value of their home…then close with shot of Obama’s mansion with its value. Closing tag, “Not your average American home, is it?’ A variation could include asking about square feet (homeowners really understand the value of more space).

Another ad could simply include all the Dems that ran for President or are influental, the price tags on their home or their personal wealth…and finish with, “Suddenly the Democrats have a problem with having too much money…”
Can’t wait to see these or other inventive ads produced!


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